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[Fic] YooSu/JunChun; Heavy

Title: heavy.
Pairing: YooSu & JunChun
Summary: it's the strangest events in your life that teach you the greatest leasons.
A/N:For a private, timed challenge with darknessgryphon. Doppleganger fic. i'm warning you, it moves at a fast pace because we had a time limit and the plot is rather out there. it is VERY DARK in certian bits. it ends on an okay note :|




yoochun wakes with a heavy feeling on his chest, his lungs feeling strained as he tries to breathe, nothing but heavy gasps leaving his pink lips. he opens his eyes for the first time; his first thought coming to call out for one of his hyungs, but when he catches sight of the cause of his shallow breathing he looks up in confusion, "jun-junsu?"

the other smirks before leaning down and kissing him -all teeth, tongue no love, no consent just a forceful kiss that makes the elder mans heart rate quicken as hands push down on his chest. pushing, pushing, heavy, he gasps when the other pulls away, "not junsu" they laugh and pull the blanket from a top yoochun's form -hands instantly sliding down yoochun's slim stomach and under his waistband.

"n-no, junsu, stop!" yoochun cries, trying his hardest to shake the other from his body; with no luck a hand grabs him forcefully, "Stop!"

seconds pas and suddenly changmin barges through the door, yunho behind, "what the hell?" the leader nearly screams, pushing past the youngest and taking (not) junsu by the collar and dragging him to the floor, "what are you doing, junsu?"

he laughs, crossing his legs and watching as changmin goes to tend to his shaken hyung, "i'm not junsu. who ever that is. i'm xiah."

changmin eyes xiah, "what's my name?"

"geek?" he laughs, shrugging, "max" changmin sits down on the bed, ignoring yoochun as he tugs his way under his arm, "what? am i wrong?"

"my names not max, it's changmin-"

"chunnie? what's-" wrong? all eyes turn when another voice joins into the room, standing at the door and looking confused, junsu stands wearing an old t-shirt and sweats, "what's going on?"

"so you must the this junsu."


glaring across the room, junsu crosses his arms looking at the other with a strong build and huskier voice, "i'm xiah." he repeats, jaejoong now eyeing the other as well, "where's micky?" he smiles and yunho looks anything if not unhappy.

"yoochun is asleep, you scared him pretty good."

shrugging xiah snorts, "wow, scared over something so small? he's defanitly not my micky."

"your micky?" jaejoong asks, thumb in between his teeth. biting. he looks nervous.

nodding the other sits up straight, "i know people in my uh-world, just like you guys, well they look like you guys, but you guys aren't them, i mean my micky isn't broken like your uh-yoochun."

"he's not broken."


"so what are you guys, anyway?" xiah asks sitting next to junsu, "living together like this..."

junsu rolls his eyes, "we work together, it's easier living together."

"that's interesting, anyone sleeping with each other here?"

junsu looks at him with digust, "that's none of your business."

"so you are! i bet you're sleeping with that skinny as hell-slut, what's his face," junsu's unwanted twin continues with a grin, "right, yoochun!"

"stop talking about him like that. he's a good friend."

"oh, what about that-"

"stop asking questions."


walking through the door to junsu's room, yoochun smiles sadly finding the real deal looking frustrated and anguished lying on his bed, palming his eyes, "su," he whispers climbing onto the bed and resting his head on the younger mans chest -an old habit that grew from being young friends and never changed, "don't worry, okay?"

threading his fingers through yoochun's hair uncounciously, junsu sighs, "he's making me crazy, chun." thinking about the other evening when he took out their singles and starting talking about how ridiculous they look, "and he won't stop talking about you."

yoochun's eyes meet his, dull eyes creasing his sadness to the brim, "i guess his micky was something of an-"

"jerk?" yoochun laughs at junsus sudden retort.

"guess we're the same then."

"no," the younger man whispers pressing yoochun's head back to his chest and continuing to thread his fingers through thin hair, "it's just that his 'micky' he's always talking about and then always talking about you, it's like he wants you, yoochun."

nodding, yoochun thinks about to their first encounter and shivers, "maybe that's why he's here?"

"what do you mean?"

"i don't know," yoochun shrugs feeling his eyes shut time after time, "but all i know is, he'll never have me." he yawns.

noticing yoochun shiver, junsu smiles sadly, wrapping a warm blanket around their bodies,"i won't let him chunnie."


catching yoochun and junsu asleep in junsu's room, xiah glares catching yoochun's flush cheeks and junsu's fingers still in the others hair.



covering yoochun's mouth, xiah drags the other out of junsu's arms and through the open door.

"stop," yoochun cries, looking up at the other when he finally lets go, locking them both in the bathroom.

glaring at the fragile man, xiah kneels down grabbing a fist full of yoochun's hair, "you know? i lied," he grabs yoochun's chin, making him look him in the eye, "my micky was exactly like you, fool hearted, sensitive and always crying about stupid things."

the elder man tries to pull away, tears blooming in his eyes, "he was mine," xiah laughs suddenly crashing his lips on yoochun's, he pulls away ignoring the way yoochun whimpers and tries to pull away once again, "just like you should be mine too."

eyes growing wide, yoochun fights with the idea of calling out for help, throat sore with silennced sobs, "please, stop this."

"he begged like that too," xiah's hand slides under yoochun's waist band, pressing him to the cold tiled floor, "you see? he was mine, but he didn't know it, so i made it known for him."

yoochun cries out, whimper against the hollow sound of the small bathroom, "stupid fool killed himself after i had my way with him," he fists yoochun's length, the others eyes slamming shut, tightly, "couldn't hanlde the thought of being raped my another man, i wonder," he chuckles, pulling yoochun's pants down around his ankles, "will history repeat itself?"

turning yoochun on his stomach xiah laughs, biting the others fare skin and smiling when he enters the other without a second thought, deep and hard he moves, and moves craving the sounds yoochun makes as he cries and cries, gripping what ever he can find -nothing at all.

"keep crying, chunnie, they can't hear you."

thrusting again, he groans, he's not going to last and as his hands grip yoochun's waist he laughs as he thrust again and again.

a night filled with pain, yoochun cries, broken sobs being the only thing he can make out.


the next morning, junsu wakes with a start, images of broken cries for help haunting his mind as he immediatly thinks he'll find the elder man still sleeping next too him, "chunnie?" he mutters looking around the room and finding the other gone.

noticing jaejoong walking past the door he calls, "hyung? have you seen yoochun?"

shrugging jaejoong shakes his head, "nope, sorry su." eyes growing wide, jaejoong's shoulders suddenly sag, "i haven't seen xiah all morning either."

hearing a bang and changmin down the hall at the extra bathroom door, jaejoong shakes his head, "why are you banging like that min?"

"i need the wash room and yunho's using the main bathroom and someone's in here."


"yoochun?" junsu calls, banging on the door lightly, "chunnie is that you?"

another knock on the door, junsu finds it's open.

walking through the door he gasps, tears stinging his eyes as he finds his lovers shivering form hiding in the tub, eyes swollen and body small.


he tries to ignore the way yoochun flinches at the name.


"i'm sorry, chun."

"don't," yoochun whimpers, pressing against junsu's shoulder on the couch, "don't be, you're not him."

"he hurt you, chun-" yoochun flinches against his shoulder and he sighs, "i hate what he's done to you." he feels like crying, screaming and taking yoochun some where, anywhere that will take away the hurt.

"he's not gone yet?" yoochun asks after a should pause. junsu shakes his head with a sigh.

"jaejoong and changmin have locked him in the bathroom," he says silently, watching yoochun out of the corner of his eye, "they think one day we'll open the door and he'll be gone."


and gone comes sooner then junsu or yoochun had thought when yunho tells them happily that their unwanted quest was gone, for good.

"he left?" yoochun's voice is soft as junsu rakes his fingers through his hair and down his spine -touches meaning more then a meer care between good friends.

"for good i guess." yoochun shivers against the touch, junsu smiles sadly, "i hope."

a silences build between them and junsu leans over, pressing their lips together. he pulls away nervously and slowly looks yoochun in the eyes, taking in his nervous eyes, "sorry-"

"do it again." yoochun nearly demands.


yoochun gulps and leans in once again, "kiss me again."


"i guess he taught us a very scary way." junsu says the next morning, pressing his forhead against yoochuns.

"what? that we actually love each other?" yoochun laughs, but knows it's true.

okay. that's the end. please comment. but i understand if you don't xD because this! remember when i wrote this, i had a time limit, so there are mistakes and the plot is really all over the place!

Tags: +private challenge, fandom: dbsk, genre: angst, length: one shot, pairing:junsu/yoochun, pairing:yoochun/junsu, rating: pg-13, t:doppleganger
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